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Crime-Victims Compensation

At Litem Legal our goal is to provide support to victims in a timely and compassionate manner. If you are a victim of violent crime in Ontario, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Anyone injured as a result of violent crime in Ontario can apply for compensation, including people who were hurt while trying to prevent a crime. These injuries can either be physical or psychological. Violent crimes include:

  •  murder
  •  attempted murder
  •  firearm offences
  •  poisoning
  •  arson
  •  assault
  •  sexual assault
  •  domestic assault (abuse by a spouse/partner)
  •  child physical assault
  •  child sexual abuse

If a person died as a result of violent crime in Ontario, or while trying to prevent a crime, any family members who were dependent on the deceased person or who paid expenses as a result of the death (e.g. childcare expenses for the children of the deceased or bereavement counselling) can apply for compensation. A person can also apply for compensation if he/she witnessed or came upon the scene of a crime that resulted in a death and meets the criteria for a finding of "mental or nervous shock." You may be eligible if:

  •  You have been injured as a result of a violent crime committed in Ontario. (e.g. assault, sexual
  • assault, criminal harassment, etc.)
  •  You are caring for a victim of crime and suffered a loss of income or garnered expenses as a
  • result of the victim’s injury or death.
  •  You are the dependant of a deceased victim (in the case of murder).
  •  You were injured while trying to prevent a crime or while helping a police officer make an arrest.
  • Where appropriate, an award compensation for a number of expenses, including:
  •  Medical, dental and therapy
  •  Funeral and burial
  •  Legal services
  •  Travel
  •  Pain and suffering
  •  Loss of income or support.

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